The phrase ‘Mother & baby care’ is defined as care of both the postpartum mother and her new born offspring. Every mother and her baby deserves the best possible care before and after a new born enters the world. Mother & baby care helps in decreasing the risks associated with pregnancy and increase the chances of a safe and healthy delivery. Regular antenatal visits can help your doctor to monitor your pregnancy and identify problems, if any, or the complications before they become serious.

Babies born to mothers who lack this care have double the chances of being born at a low birth weight. Babies with low birth weight are three times more likely to die than those whose mothers received the due care. Often mother‐baby care is considered to be provided under the same room, i.e. in a single‐room maternity care, however these two terms are not identical. It is possible to have the due care that takes place in the physical environment of a single room, while having separate care provided by separate nurses for the mother and the baby, thus preserving the unsynchronized aspects of care.

Mother‐baby care cannot be completely defined by the location of care, but by the synchronization of care, with mother and baby being treated as a devoted unit. Every mother deserves a beautiful birth experience, thus mother and baby care has the passion for helping moms to live out a positive labor and delivery experience they have ever imagined. Mother and baby care increases the skills and knowledge and also streamlines responsibilities for care and teaching.