Escorting patients during traveling is a non-emergency medical service where the patient flying a commercial airline are escorted by a critical care flight nurse or flight physician. A medical travel companion is provided by any healthcare provider that accompanies a patient during his travel. Patients traveling abroad under medical care safely reach their destination worldwide. There are proper medical escort crews that are fully supplied with all the necessary equipment that enables them to provide hands-on medical treatment to non-emergency patients including basic medication, monitoring units, and CPR equipment if required.

Traveling Patients – A Big Challenge to go back!

A patient suffering from a medical emergency while traveling abroad, getting back home might be a challenge for him. Specialist medical transport is needed to overcome the issue. When people consider medical deportation, the first thing that might come in their mind is an air ambulance or a long distance road ambulance with onboard medical support. But, in reality, it is sometimes possible to return home on a regular flight escorted by a medical professional.

What does a Medical Escort Team do!

The medical escort teams are trained in a way that they can help the patients with whatever they need, from overseeing the pain medication to offering assistance using the toilet. Based on the whatever condition a patient is going through, his medical escort team includes doctors, nurses, paramedics and medical specialists, who are able to administer medication and treatments. They make sure that the patient is comfortable throughout the journey.