Book your PCR Test at your Doorstep at 110 AED

Book your PCR Test at your Doorstep at 110 AED

COVID PCR Test at Home in Dubai, No More Long Queue for Lab Tests

Can PCR Test be done at home?

Yes, COVID PCR Tests involve collecting a sample swab from your nose or collecting your blood sample (Antibodies/Serology Test). A trained medical professional with the right medical equipements can easily do this at home.

Home, Hotel, Office or anywhere in Dubai

Results in 08-10 Hours
Symbiosis — Home Health Care

Book Your COVID-19 Test at Home in Dubai

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How do I book the PCR Test at home?

With Symbiosis Home Health Care, getting a COVID test at home is super easy in Dubai! Just call us on
+971 56 114 0336 and medical experts will arrive at your doorstep at the scheduled time. We will then diagnose your samples at some of the most highly-accredited labs in Dubai and the results will be shared within 08 to 10 hours Rest assured that this test will be conducted with utmost safety- following all the necessary safety precautions.

Why Choose Us For PCR Test In Dubai?

Here are all the reasons why you should choose us for getting a COVID-19 test from Symbiosis Home Health Care:

  • Get diagnosed from the comfort of your home
  • Diagnosis is done at only Internationally accredited and DHA Certified labs in Dubai
  • All safety standards and protocols followed as per International Guidelines
  • Tests conducted by expert medical team who are highly trained for Covid-19 PCR Sample collection
  • Test results within 08-10 Hours.

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Escorting Patient Abroad

Escorting Patient Abroad

Escorting patients during traveling is a non-emergency medical service where the patient flying a commercial airline are escorted by a critical care flight nurse or flight physician. A medical travel companion is provided by any healthcare provider that accompanies a patient during his travel. Patients traveling abroad under medical care safely reach their destination worldwide. There are proper medical escort crews that are fully supplied with all the necessary equipment that enables them to provide hands-on medical treatment to non-emergency patients including basic medication, monitoring units, and CPR equipment if required.

Traveling Patients – A Big Challenge to go back!

A patient suffering from a medical emergency while traveling abroad, getting back home might be a challenge for him. Specialist medical transport is needed to overcome the issue. When people consider medical deportation, the first thing that might come in their mind is an air ambulance or a long distance road ambulance with onboard medical support. But, in reality, it is sometimes possible to return home on a regular flight escorted by a medical professional.

What does a Medical Escort Team do!

The medical escort teams are trained in a way that they can help the patients with whatever they need, from overseeing the pain medication to offering assistance using the toilet. Based on the whatever condition a patient is going through, his medical escort team includes doctors, nurses, paramedics and medical specialists, who are able to administer medication and treatments. They make sure that the patient is comfortable throughout the journey.

Postoperative Care at Home

Postoperative Care at Home

Safe and efficient postoperative care is one of the cornerstones of successful management of many patients. The rapidly increasing number of surgeries, together with limited ICU bed availability, frequently leads to the delay of surgeries. After the surgery is done and you meet the discharge criteria, you will be freed to go home or be moved to a room. Hospitals usually require that the patient is transported home by a family member, as coordination and reactions may be weakened for 24 hours following anesthesia. Before you go home, you should be very clear on what your limitations are and whether or not you will be needing some special care, assistance, or equipment following your surgery.

Follow Doctor’s Instructions Carefully

It is very important that you follow your doctor’s instructions after you leave the hospital. Take medications as recommended by the doctor. The most important thing a patient needs to watch out is, any potential complications to keep up the follow-up appointments. Do not overdo things that are not instructed by the doctor, take rest. Also, do not neglect the physical activity if you have been given permission to move around. Start resuming your normal activities. Most of the time, it is best to slowly return to your normal daily life.

Why Caregivers are needed after Surgery

Most of the times, a patient may not be able to care for himself for a while after he has undergone surgery. He might be in the need for a caregiver to help him heal his wounds, prepare food, keep him clean, and support him while he is moving or doing some exercise. Having a care with your post-operative needs is also important because of the complications that could take place. Most doctors will warn you for the complications including blood clots, infection, or pain. If a patient tries to over exercise himself and tries to manage his own post-operative care he will surely see the negative repercussions.

Home Nursing Dubai and its Benefits

Home Nursing Dubai and its Benefits

It is devastating especially when it comes to healthcare decision for your loved ones; your father, mother or siblings, undergoing certain medical procedures or treatment. They might be nervous, confused or scared by thinking about all the possible complications they might be facing. To express love and care for another person, especially in these conditions, is human nature.

Most especially when a person is suffering from a deep discomfort and needs a much deeper level of care. But the reality is, we can’t be 100%available for our loved ones. There are certain moments where we become super busy in our lives and forget about other things, to maintain the balance of our life. Home Nursing Services were introduced to help in these special cases.

1. Available at your doorstep to carefully monitor your loved ones

Our busy life makes us forget almost everything. When it comes to health care for our loved ones in long term, there are certain stages where they must be taking medications or doing In case of immediate care, the expert support of a home care nurse can provide the fastest solution to your needs.

2. Special needs require Special Care

When the need for special care is for the long term, we can’t always depend on the knowledge that we have. Having a professional and skilled home care nurse can attend those special needs care and can strongly affect their recovery. Getting help from an expert home care nurse is the best way to express your care to your loved ones.

3. Low Medical Costs-Low Risks:

Having a trusted home care nurse available 24/7 at your doorstep reduces the medical expenses by offering affordable healthcare packages. Risks are also reduced by having an expert nurse available almost all the times, to handle certain conditions that may happen.

Home Care Physiotherapy In Dubai

Home Care Physiotherapy In Dubai

Physiotherapy is a technique used by the practitioners to address the injuries, illness or any other thing that may limit movement or locomotion of a person. It may help a person to perform functional activities in their daily lives easily. Physical therapy can be used by a physiotherapist for treating arthritis. A physiotherapist uses an individual’s medical history and physical examination to arrive at a diagnosis and establish a management plan.

Physiotherapy also referred to as Physical therapy is not always everybody’s first choice of treatment. People suffering from serious injuries or with chronic pain and restricted mobility often prefer surgery over physical therapy, because they believe that surgery is much faster and effective than physiotherapy in treating the issue. However, most of the primary care doctors recommend patients physiotherapy as the first course of action, because it is the least invasive approach.

Helps in Pain Management

Physical Therapy helps in pain management, i.e. it reduces pain. Chronic pain is sometimes considered to be one of the most frustrating conditions that a person might experience, especially in situations where the underlying cause is unknown. However, physiotherapy techniques and therapeutic exercises can help in the mobilization (movement) of your joints and soft tissue and in the restoration of muscular function by reducing pain or eradicating pain altogether. Patients, when, continue to perform the recommended physical exercises regularly, it can keep the pain from returning.

Physiotherapy helps in avoiding Surgery

Moreover, physiotherapy helps in avoiding surgery. While surgery is considered as unavoidable in certain cases, physiotherapy can help to avoid surgery for others. By reducing pain, supplementary to the healing process, and for the betterment of physical health, physical therapy can help in healing the injured tissue and in facilitating mobility, thus eliminating the need to go to the operation table.

Physiotherapy helps the patient to get back into a good shape

In some cases, where the patient has already undergone surgery, physiotherapy can get him back into a good shape and help him to recover faster. Another key aspect of physical therapy involves the assessment of weak areas in the patient’s body, thus formulating a physiotherapy plan to help in the strengthening of these vulnerable points.

Elderly Care

Elderly Care

One of the biggest decisions a family might have to take is to decide how to provide care for the elderly be it, their parents or other relatives, especially when they are no longer able to live independently. Families try to resolve this emotionally charged issue in a number of ways. Some families find old homes as a mode of their elderly care. While some consider ways to provide elders with sufficient assistance such that they are able to safely remain in their own homes.

Elder care is a way of expressing special care to senior citizens concerning their daily needs and day to day activities. When physical health begins to fail, maintaining the body and performing day to day activities becomes difficult. Seniors living in both home and senior living community, medical and non-medical home care should be provided.

Though nursing homes have become the first choice for most families with elderly relatives, they do have their limitations. Some of these centers for the elderly have become money-making ventures, therefore reducing their emphasis on the needs of the elderly. There are some other problems faced by the elderly in these nursing homes like; poor hygiene, lack of trained medical personnel and quality treatment as well as poor feeding programs. Moreover, placing the elderly in nursing homes limits their freedoms as they have to follow the specified program. They cannot choose when to feed, sleep, interact with their fellow housemates on their own, they cannot even keep their belongings with them.

The rapidly evolving medical facilities make it no longer impossible to provide high exceptional services to the elderly at their comfort zone, making them no longer dependent on others to do stuff they are supposed to do. There are some certified and specialized medical centers that provide home-based services to their elder patients. It helps them with their activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, or meal preparation, while causing no harm to their personal freedom. Home health aides can also provide personal care services that range from a few hours a day to around-the-clock live-in care.